by Tim Reilly

Introducing A Single Source of Truth for Data Security Across the Enterprise

2021 has been quite a ride so far, and the amazing team at Zettaset has been working hard over the past few months to bring a new product to fruition.

With that, we are incredibly excited to share that the Zettaset Encryption Management Console is now generally available, providing customers with a single view of all data encryption solutions operating across their IT infrastructure. Protecting data with encryption was just the first step. Consolidating and managing the crypto activity in real-time is the next evolution of tapping into the power of encryption.

I truly can’t thank our amazing team enough for their efforts in helping deliver this novel solution to the market, and I look forward to seeing how customers leverage the console to improve their security programs and ultimately better protect their most valuable asset: their data.

The official announcement can be found here, and my thoughts on why this is needed in the industry and why the management console is a vital addition to the data security stack follow.

Why Unify Encryption with a Single Platform?

Encryption has historically been implemented disparately – such as within embedded databases, at the file/folder level or as a self-encrypting drive. Each one of these solutions have typically been independent deployments, unaware of the other and without the capability for IT administrators to view them all through a single platform.

For organizations looking to secure cloud-native, hybrid or on-premise environments, they need more than security features alone. There’s an incredible need for visibility across their varying environments, compliance management, threat detection and incident response.

Understanding that one of the keys to strong security is visibility, our team saw a unique opportunity to elevate encryption from a one-off feature to an enabler for security teams. We challenged ourselves to answer a complex question:

How can we give our customers visibility into every single encryption solution deployed across their infrastructure, and allow them to monitor the data being encrypted and decrypted by those solutions?

The Zettaset Management Console: Up-Leveling Data Protection

After months of late nights put in by our incredible engineering team, the result is the Zettaset Encryption Management Console, an infinitely scalable platform that provides customers with visibility across all encryption products, securing their organization’s most sensitive data. This empowers them to easily monitor and manage data encryption across cloud-native, hybrid, and on-premises environments.

One of the most important capabilities of our platform is that it is completely vendor agnostic. While we hope you consider using our suite of encryption solutions to meet your data protection needs. Our management console integrates with third-party encryption solutions and key managers – allowing our customers to unite and manage all of the different encryption solutions in use across their organizations.

Visibility and control are pivotal for maintaining advanced data security strategies — and are key features that we are ecstatic to bring to market through this platform.

This won’t be the last you hear about us bringing new innovations to the industry, so stay tuned for additional abilities and features that we will be delivering to our customers and partners alike.

Want to learn more? Connect with us to hear about how the Zettaset Encryption Management Console can empower your organization to innovate with speed, without worrying about the security of your data. Schedule a demo here: