Data Protection Aligned to Zero-Trust Architecture

Data Needs to Meet Cybersecurity Standards by 2024

Zero Trust architecture guidelines require data governance to meet federal regulations. With these regulations impending, agencies are in need of updating their cybersecurity standards to ensure data is protected wherever it lives.

Federal - Foundation for Zero Trust

Zettaset meets cybersecurity standards for the Zero Trust Data Pillar.

  • 100% of federal agencies must meet cybersecurity standards and objectives by September of 2024 via White House Executive Order
  • Almost half of civilian and defense/intelligence agency respondents remained skeptical on achieving OMB’s zero trust goals by the end of FY 2024
  • Federal agencies are racing to meet a September 2024 deadline to transition to it — and companies are looking to the government for guidance on what an esoteric zero-trust framework actually looks like.

Alignment with Zero Trust

Requirement to implement
Zero-Trust Architecture in compliance with the
White House Executive Order.

JADC2 Strategy Execution

Sharing of encrypted data and modernizing systems to meet a Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) implementation is a challenge between disparate agencies.

The Solution

Whatever your challenges are, Zettaset’s XCrypt Suite delivers advanced data security capabilities. Federal agencies will have the ability to scale with a high-performance solution enabling visibility and control.

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Guarding Citizen Privacy: Using Encryption to Protect Federal Data


Guarding Citizen Privacy: Using Encryption to Protect Federal Data

Guarding Citizen Privacy: Using Encryption to Protect Federal Data


Encryption: The Secret Sauce to Zero Trust and Protecting Critical Data

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