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Advanced Protection for Sensitive Information

Customers worldwide choose Zettaset products for use in high performance, high availability and seamlessly scalable data environments. Zettaset products are designed to function with extremely low latency to support the most demanding deployment requirements, including high-speed transactions, in-memory databases, and real-time, web-based applications.

Zettaset products include:

The increased frequency and sophistication of high-profile data breaches and malicious hacking puts organizations at continued risk of data theft and significant business disruption. Complicating this scenario is the unbounded growth of petabyte-scale data storage, cloud services, distributed systems, and myriad data stores. This momentum is breaking down the traditional perimeter, forcing organizations to look at security differently, with the focus shifting from the perimeter to the data that needs to be protected.

The XCrypt™ Data Encryption Platform has been designed from the ground up for optimal performance and scalability in distributed systems and elastic cloud environments. XCrypt introduces extremely low latency to the compute environment, making it ideal for in-memory stored data and transactional environments where sub-second response times are essential.

More Data, Greater Security Challenges

The massive attack surface of high-volume data stores on-premises and in the cloud makes them highly vulnerable to unauthorized intrusion. However, much of the encryption technology that exists today was not designed for deployment in distributed computing architectures and massive cloud stores which consist of multiple servers that are networked together into server arrays.

Distributed data systems require a distributed policy server, with secure policy replication to prevent unauthorized modifications to policies. Distributed systems also require automated mechanisms for secure node removal when a server is removed from a cluster, encryption for both data-at-rest and in-motion, as well as rapid and secure encryption key rotation. These functions must perform efficiently without requiring the re-encryption of any files or downtime during normal operation.

Why Can’t Legacy Solutions Do the Job?

When it comes to securing the continuously increasing volumes of data in the enterprise and cloud, legacy encryption solutions are compromised in many ways. Most legacy encryption products were designed for static relational databases, and lack the ability to scale and perform well in highly-dynamic, petabyte-scale, distributed computing architectures. Very few are optimized to function efficiently in the cloud, where data flows are constantly variable, and where data must be encrypted both while at-rest and in-motion.

Why Zettaset for Data Encryption?

  • High-performance, infinitely scalable, low latency, and budget-friendly compared to legacy solutions
  • Software-based for simple, fast, automated deployment; no proprietary appliances needed
  • Wide applicability across a variety of structured and unstructured data

Encryption Optimized for Performance and Scalability

Designed from the ground up for optimal performance and scalability in distributed data systems, our advanced encryption platform delivers data-centric security utilizing advanced encryption and access control technologies to ensure the highest levels of protection for sensitive information. You can apply Zettaset encryption solutions with the assurance of near-zero latency and no perceptible impact on system and application performance. The all-software approach eliminates the need for costly proprietary appliances, and makes scaling up a breeze when the time comes.

Proven Protection and Compliance for Sensitive Information

The XCrypt Data Encryption Platform provides a proven defense against unauthorized access of sensitive data in regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, and retail from the accelerating frequency and scope of data breaches. The platform utilizes Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption, the highest level attainable.

When integrated into a strategic IT security initiative, the XCrypt Data Encryption Platform can help bring data stores into compliance with corporate and regulatory data protection initiatives including PCI/DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, and GDPR.

Broad Interoperability

All XCrypt Data Encryption Platform products adhere to OASIS encryption open standards and are compatible with KMIP-compliant key management systems and PKCS#11-compliant hardware security modules (HSM). All Zettaset solutions include a software-based Virtual Enterprise Key Manager and Virtual Hardware Security Module to facilitate deployment.

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