Zettaset Empowers Customers to Manage All Organization-wide Encryption Deployments with New Encryption Management Console

New Platform Provides Organizations with Complete Visibility into All Data Encryption Solutions to Strengthen their Data Protection Strategies

SAN FRANCISCO – March 31, 2021Zettaset, a leading provider of data protection solutions, today unveiled the Zettaset Encryption Management Console, a novel platform that unites organizations’ encryption solutions within a single console. The infinitely scalable solution provides customers with end-to-end visibility into the encryption products and data being secured across their organizations, allowing them to easily monitor and manage data encryption for cloud-native, hybrid and on-premises environments.

According to a recent study from Cisco, organizations that implement data privacy strategies receive nearly 3 times their investment, with more than 40 percent seeing benefits that are at least twice that of their privacy spend. Encryption is an important pillar of the data privacy and security stack, helping safeguard information when an attacker breaches the perimeter. However, encryption management is overly complex for IT administrators because the average company uses multiple encryption solutions to secure their data. This means that several types and levels of encryption are applied to diverse types of stored data, making it difficult for businesses to understand what information is protected by a specific solution.

To address these mounting operational challenges, Zettaset developed its new Encryption Management Console to act as a single source of truth for data security across the enterprise. Key features and benefits of the platform include:

  • Unprecedented Visibility: Customers benefit from visibility into all encryption solutions used across the enterprise, providing a holistic picture of data that is being protected by a specific solution.
  • Cryptographic Activity Management: The platform empowers customers to manage crypto functionality across their entire infrastructure – including on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-native – through a single interface, allowing them to enforce policies across different datasets.
  • Secure Data Sharing: Organizations can share information with third parties while maintaining complete ownership. Once data is shared, it remains encrypted and the organization can see the state of it at any time, providing assurance that sensitive information is protected in the event of a cyber-attack.
  • Integration with Key Managers: The Encryption Management Console simplifies encrypted data management by integrating seamlessly with third-party key managers in use at an organization. This allows customers to easily monitor the data that is being encrypted and decrypted by a given solution, providing a holistic picture of an organization’s data security.

“There have been incredible advancements in data protection and encryption over the past decade,” said Tim Reilly, CEO of Zettaset. “The next step in the evolution of the space is to unite all of these products in a single, user-friendly console. This is exactly what we are delivering to customers with our new platform – mission-critical visibility into the secured data and different encryption solutions being used across their environments, regardless of the encryption providers in use.”

The Zettaset Encryption Management Console is available now. To learn more, please visit: https://www.zettaset.com/products/encryption-management-console/

About Zettaset
Zettaset is a leading provider of data protection solutions. Its software-defined encryption solutions can be transparently deployed across all physical and virtual enterprise environments. Unlike traditional solutions that are appliance-based, Zettaset is a cost-effective, software-only solution that is easy to deploy, does not impact performance, and scales with your business from on premise to the cloud. Learn more at zettaset.com.

Justin McCann
fama PR for Zettaset

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