Threat Detection and Protection for All Your Data

Designed for Security and IT Operations Teams

The Zettaset XCrypt Suite allows any enterprise to quickly detect cyber threats, protect sensitive data and meet compliance and governance needs. The XCrypt Suite delivers advanced capabilities to help enterprises automate compliance policy enforcement and monitor data activity–across cloud, on-premises, and edge environments. Enhanced visibility of anomalous data activity in hybrid environments enables early cyber threat detection.

A data-centric security approach based on Zero Trust framework is the path forward to ensure enterprise data protection and compliance.



Secure traditional workloads & microservice environments at the persistent volume layer.



Centralized view of clusters to easily identify cyber attacks across all platforms.



When there is a breach, quickly protect your data through automated playbooks.


Early Detection

Monitor data across any traditional workloads & microservice environments to detect threats faster.

The XCrypt Suite of data-centric security products, enabled by patented Smart Key technology, include:

  • Insights – Advanced monitoring of data activity and key activity to identify cyber threats faster and deliver the visibility and control required to ensure compliance. 
  • Advanced Encryption – Protect data with a volume layer approach for intelligence, high performance, and scalability-to meet any workload requirements and to maximize cyber resilience.

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