Data Privacy and Protection in Manufacturing

Manufacturing Was The Top-Attacked Industry in 2021 and 2022

To stay competitive and better facilitate automation, factories have embraced the industrial internet of things (IIoT). With this new flow of information over the web comes the need to identify and secure sensitive data across a complex supply chain to mitigate risk.

  • 1TB of data is generated in an average factory per day
  • 98% of manufacturing organizations have experienced at least one security incident in the past year
Negligible Performance Impact

Data Integration & Interoperability

The flow of information back and forth from a multitude of interconnected devices to support business analytics initiatives makes for many possible cyberattack entry points.

Data Breach

Exposed Data at the Edge

Increased demand for data to live at the edge without datacenter security leaving data exposed.

Transparent to Developers

Limited Resource Equipment

Small footprint instruments with restricted memory and processing capabilities still require comprehensive data protection and security.

The Solution

Protect your manufacturing organization from operational interruptions and secure your supply chain with Zettaset’s Xcrypt Suite Our comprehensive data protection solutions cover every aspect of your business, from edge to hybrid cloud. With our advanced breach detection technology, you can identify and stop threats early without sacrificing performance in your traditional workloads and microservice environments. Trust Zettaset for complete peace of mind.

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