Why Data Encryption?

The amount of data in the world is growing at an alarming rate. Making it a target for malicious attacks. Since 2013, over 13 billion records have been stolen and when data does fall into the wrong hands, the consequences can be devastating.

The aftermath of a data breach can affect an organization reputationally and financially, with the global average cost of a data breach equaling $3.92 million. And with the rapid adoption of new technologies such as DevOps, IoT and Containers, there are new exposure points for attacks arising.

Encryption provides that last line of defense protecting data in any environment, and plays a key role in every security strategy.

Zettaset XCrypt Products

All products include Zettaset’s Virtual Enterprise Key Manager and Virtual Hardware Security Module.

XCrypt Data Encryption Platform

XCrypt Data Encryption Platform

Customers worldwide choose XCryptâ„¢ encryption solutions for use in high performance, high availability, and seamlessly scalable data environments. XCrypt products are designed to function with near-zero latency to support the most demanding deployment requirements across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.

  • Works with your existing hardware
  • Virtual key manager and hardware security module included
  • No specialized encryption experts necessary

15 M

Health Records

have been compromised by data breaches.

33 %


of all Healthcare providers, Hospitals accounted for approximately 1/3 of all data breached.


Data Breaches

over the past decade in the healthcare industry, impacting 189 million medical records.

89 %

Data Breaches

of healthcare providers have suffered data breaches in the past two years.

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