Data Privacy and Protection in Telco 5G

Breaches Are The Rule, Not The Exception.

Telecommunication companies and businesses are shifting focus to the network edge and embracing cloud-native solutions amid 5G’s data transmission progress. Enhanced speed, minimal latency, and increased capacity promise transformative shifts, unlocking revenue through innovative models.

Within the last year, 75% of communication service providers have faced up to six 5G security breaches.
Telco 5G breaches
Telco breach stats

Data Confidentiality Remains the Primary Threat to Consumers and Enterprise Organizations.

Unauthorized access and interception of voice or data can occur from a one-size-fits all network services approach.
Negligible Performance Impact

Transitioning to NFV

In Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), functions are no longer on dedicated hardware but as Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) in shared virtualized environments, posing a risk of interference and malware cross-contamination, leading to data leakage.

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For ultra-low latency in 5G applications, Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) deploys applications at the network edge, posing challenges like reduced physical protection, local data storage, and secure encryption to meet latency demands.

Data Breach

Collaborative Resource Utilization

In IoT, edge-based data collection and analytics may lead to shared physical or virtualized infrastructure for telecom operators and enterprises. Precise isolation is crucial, demanding a clear separation of duties and finely managed perimeters to ensure security.


Zero-Touch Automation

Zero-touch automation in 5G, facilitated by cloud-native virtualization, enables rapid deployment but poses risks. It swiftly propagates both beneficial and harmful outcomes, challenging traditional data security assumptions, requiring enhanced measures in the 5G era.

The Solution

Zettaset’s Xcrypt Suite is optimized for data protection in distributed 5G deployments that leverage cloud-native technologies where multi-tenancy compromise and cross contamination are at a higher risk. With Zettaset’s data-centric security solutions, including XCrypt Insights and XCrypt Advanced Encryption, Service Providers can centrally manage and monitor data security for cloud-native 5G deployments at scale or in single remote node environments. Zettaset offers an advanced cyber threat detection solution with high-performance, scalable encryption that combines great performance with proven protection for sensitive information and compliance.

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