Transparent, High-Performance Layer of Security Protecting Data Wherever it Lives

Scalable High-Performance Encryption

Zettaset delivers encryption protection at the persistent volume layer for Kubernetes environments as well as traditional workloads. Organizations can rely on Zettaset Advanced Encryption for near-zero latency to support the most demanding deployment requirements across physical, virtual, and cloud native infrastructures.

  • Reduce administrative effort. Centralize encryption and encryption key configuration and policy management through an intuitive web-based interface.
  • Address compliance requirements. Address compliance with strong data encryption, robust user access policies, data access audit logging and key management capabilities.
  • Protect data across environments. Protect your data wherever it resides and help organizations secure their cloud migration.

The Zettaset Advanced Encryption Solution Delivers Benefits Across:

Direct Integration with Openshift

All Workloads

Zettaset Advanced Encryption data protection is fundamentally different, supporting workloads from the largest hybrid-cloud down to single node, small footprint edge deployments leveraging patented Smart Key technology.

Negligible Performance Impact

Granular Volume Layer

A best practice approach that minimizes business disruption and improves cyber resilience for traditional and microservices environments.

Automated Encryption Policy Management

Governance and Compliance

Centralize visibility and control of policy management through an intuitive web-based interface, certified integrations with industry leading Infrastructure Orchestrators such as Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management and VMware vSphere.

advanced encryption

Advanced Encryption–Ideal Volume Encryption For Any Structured Or Unstructured Data

XCrypt Advanced Encryption is a high-performance, scalable, volume encryption solution which is optimal for the protection of stored data, and can be applied to both data-at-rest and data-in-motion. Zettaset’s software-only approach simplifies deployment and eliminates the need for proprietary appliances.

transparent encryption

Transparent, High-Performance Advanced Encryption for Kubernetes

XCrypt Advanced Encryption for Kubernetes is built specifically to protect data-at-rest in container environments. It provides a transparent, high performance layer of security for your entire DevOps pipeline that simplifies data protection while also acting as a last-line-of-defense against all the new attack vectors that exist in today’s highly-distributed container environments. It integrates directly into Kubernetes’ storage layer and can be deployed without changes to existing processes to enable an efficient, elegant transformation to DevSecOps.

devops encryption

Secure Enterprise Infrastructure for DevOps with Advanced Encryption for Red Hat OpenShift

Together, Red Hat’s OpenShift and Zettaset’s certified software-defined Advanced Encryption solution create the next generation of secure enterprise infrastructure that today’s DevOps require. This solution provides a stable, consistent, and supported base that your organization needs to develop applications faster, simplify updates, drive innovation, and reduce the risk of potential security breaches and data theft.

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