by Tim Reilly

Deep Dive: Data Protection and Container Security in 5G Edge Deployments

We recently had a great discussion with our good friends at Red Hat about how organizations can secure their far-edge OpenShift environments and keep containerized data protected in 5G deployments.

DevOps, containers, and microservices are essential to 5G. Cloud-native technologies combined with edge computing will influence the way organizations process 5G moving forward. Unfortunately, granular data protection in those environments are hard to manage.

5G and edge computing are already built with inherent security measures – device trust to the network, etc., – but since 5G networks are multi-tenant, the 5G network performance necessitates the data moving away from the traditional data center and closer to the edge. This opens a whole slew of new security holes.

It’s obvious to state that data protection is necessary, but what isn’t always so obvious is that proper data protection requires a layered approach. There is no silver bullet solution. Especially in today’s increasingly complex IT environment.

Adopting business-critical DevOps initiatives to help companies stay competitive and evolve beyond yesterday’s capabilities is essential for growth. For digital organizations investing in cloud-native technologies, they must also consider data protection at the edge. We are witnessing first-hand many enterprise firms and service providers shifting from legacy security solutions to modern, microservices-based architecture.

Edge computing is helping various verticals transform – telco, healthcare, defense, manufacturing and retail to name a few. As such, Zettaset and Red Hat are evolving to best protect OpenShift and RHEL users – all while making it seamless for these organizations to manage their data at the edge.

Zettaset is providing next-generation data protection solutions like Zettaset’s XCrypt OpenShift Encryption, a software-only solution that encrypts data stored in Red Hat OpenShift container environments without slowing down the DevOps process.

In addition to providing a transparent and high-performance layer of security that protects container data across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, Zettaset can also accelerate the adoption of DevSecOps initiatives. Our company’s proprietary solution is designed for micro data centers and edge cloud, as Zettaset encrypts the Kubernetes data layer. By doing this, Zettaset:

  • Protects individual persistent volumes in any environment
  • Supports multi-storage vendor support for hybrid and multi-cloud
  • Unifies administration and management
  • Automates provisioning of persistent volumes

Additionally, the Zettaset Management Console provides a centralized view and single point of protection management, so all of your data is viewed in one place and monitored proactively. The platform provides secure data sharing by enabling customers to maintain complete ownership of their data and keep it encrypted once shared with third parties.

If you’re looking to listen in on the entire discussion with Red Hat and Zettaset, you can view the webinar here.