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Transparent, High Performance Encryption for Red Hat OpenShift

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XCrypt OpenShift Encryption is a software-only solution that enables the encryption of data stored in Red Hat OpenShift container environments without slowing down the DevOps process. In addition to providing a transparent an high-performance layer of security that flexibly protects container data across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, it can also help your organization efficiently transition from DevOps to DevSecOps.

The challenges of incorporating security into DevOps

The adoption of containers and Kubernetes is on the rise in enterprises throughout the world. However, many organizations place too much emphasis on investing in technology that orchestrates container activity and neglect the other important requirement – security. Whether that’s due to complexity, the perception that security is an impediment to speed, or the feeling that existing security practices will suffice, it’s creating a significant opportunity for cybercriminals to capitalize on the lack of proper security protocols to protect data that’s used and stored in container environments.

As organizations continue their journey to a DevOps culture with container platforms like OpenShift, it’s critical for IT teams to address the unique challenges of multi-tenant container environments and ensure the security of data being used and stored within them.

Simplify data security in OpenShift environments with Zettaset

XCrypt OpenShift Encryption delivers on the promise of container data security in the same way that Red Hat delivers the stable, consistent, and supported base that organizations need to get applications out the door faster. With Zettaset, OpenShift users can flexibly protect container data across any on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployment with fast and transparent encryption that has a negligible effect on performance, enabling them to:

  • Confidently focus on driving innovation quickly
  • Dramatically reduce the risk of potential breaches and data theft
  • Ensure developers are no longer required to make security decisions
  • Create a smooth plan for the transition to DevSecOps

Protecting data that’s stored and used in multi-tenant container environments is required – and Zettaset’s software-defined encryption makes it simple.

Red Hat OpenShift + Zettaset:
The next generation of secure enterprise infrastructure for DevOps

By combining Red Hat’s Container Platform with Zettaset’s certified software-defined encryption, you can create the next generation of secure enterprise infrastructure that DevOps requires. Together they create the stable, consistent, and supported base that your organization needs to develop applications faster, simplify updates, drive innovation, and reduce the risk of potential security breaches and data theft.

  • Software-only for simple deployments
  • Negligible impact on performance
  • Transparent to developers
  • Works with AWS, Google, and Azure
  • Unique encryption key per container volume
  • Direct integration with OpenShift
  • Automated encryption policy management
  • Secure erase of volumes


Simple deployment through Red Hat’s registry

Zettaset’s Red Hat Certified XCrypt Operator makes it incredibly easy to automate the deployment of software-defined encryption that transparently protects container data throughout your OpenShift environment.

Zettaset XCrypt OpenShift Encryption Automation diagram

Visit Zettaset on Red Hat’s container marketplace

How does XCrypt OpenShift Encryption fit into OpenShift?

XCrypt OpenShift Encryption makes it incredibly easy to protect container data in your OpenShift environment.

Zettaset XCrypt OpenShift encryption deployment diagram

Use cases include:

  • Transitioning from DevOps to DevSecOps
  • Ensuring data protection in OpenShift container environments without performance impact
  • Achieving compliance in highly regulated industries like healthcare and finance

For more information or to schedule a demo, please email or call (650) 314-7920.

You can also learn more about XCrypt OpenShift encryption by downloading the datasheet.

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