Zettaset powered by Red Hat

Simplify Data Security in OpenShift

Detect threats faster

ROSA header

Zettaset for Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management and OpenShift

ROSA Protect


Secure DevOps workloads at the persistent volume layer.

ROSA Visibility


Centralized view of clusters to easily identify cyber attacks across all platforms.

ROSA Control


When there is a breach, quickly protect your data through automated playbooks.

ROSA Early Dectection

Early Detection

Monitor data across any Kubernetes environment to detect threats faster.

Scale and Manage your Infrastructure AND Data Security 

Infrastructure for kubernetes clusters


Data security for kubernetes clusters



Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management




Red Hat + Zettaset

Next generation of secure enterprise infrastructure for DevOps

Negligible Performance Impact

Negligible Performance Impact

Software Only

Software Only for

for simple deployment

Direct Integration with Openshift

Direct Integration with OpenShift

Works with AWS Azure and GCP

Works with AWS, Azure and GCP

Unique Encryption Key

Encryption Key

per person per volume

Transparent to Developers

Transparent to Developers

Automated Encryption Policy Management

Automated Encryption Policy Management

Governance and Compliance

Governance and Compliance

Zettaset XCrypt makes it incredibly easy to protect and monitor your data in Red Hat OpenShift.

Who Benefits?

  • System administrators can deploy granular data protection at scale through provisioning nodes and clusters
  • Application developers have visibility and control over all types of workloads without a change to their process
  • Operators have oversight to guarantee data security wherever it lives

Easy to Deploy, Easy to Monitor

ROSA Protect


data in all of your clusters quickly and easily with granular persistent volume encryption

ROSA Deploy


data protection at scale from one to many clusters

ROSA Monitor


all persistent volumes to detect compromises early with the option to automatically trigger targeted remediation

Industry Best Practice

Easily protect sensitive data in your OpenShift environment

Industry Best Practice - Easily protect sensitive data in your OpenShift environment

Learn more about how to get optimal data security.


Real-time data protection for the OpenShift Container Platform

High Performance, Software-Defined Encryption for Red Hat OpenShift. Move from DevOps to DevSecOps

Transparent, high performance encryption for Red Hat OpenShift

Software-only solution that encrypts data stored in Red Hat OpenShift containers and won't slow down the DevOps process

XCrypt for OpenShift Available in the Red Hat Marketplace

First-of- its-kind, software-only encryption solution that protects containers from data theft in any physical or virtual environment