Fast, Scalable, Affordable

Unify and Manage Encryption Solutions in One Platform

The Zettaset Encryption Management Console is a data protection platform that unites an organization’s encryption solutions in a single console. The infinitely scalable solution provides customers with end-to-end visibility into the cryptographic operations securing sensitive data throughout their IT infrastructure, enabling easy monitoring and data encryption management in cloud-native, hybrid, and on-premise environments.

Traditional Encryption: An Operational Burden

Leading organizations recognize the importance of encryption as a data privacy and security pillar. It enables businesses to protect information throughout its lifecycle in the event of a cyber intrusion.

However, encryption management is a complex undertaking for IT administrators because the average company uses several encryption solutions to secure various datasets. This heterogeneous environment creates complexity as multiple types and levels of encryption are applied to all of an organization’s stored data. The Zettaset Encryption Management Console offers complete visibility into an organization’s encryption strategy through an intuitive interface that ensures critical information has appropriate protection.

Unite Your Encryption Deployments

The Zettaset Encryption Management Console consolidates disparate data protection solutions, delivering a comprehensive security platform that unifies encryption operations throughout an organization’s IT infrastructure. Customers benefit from:

  • Unprecedented visibility into all encryption solutions and secured data across the enterprise.
  • Cryptographic activity management through a single interface allows organizations to easily enforce policies and user privileges across all data storage environments.
  • Secure data sharing by enabling customers to maintain complete ownership of their data and keep it encrypted once shared with third-parties.
  • Integration with key managers, including third-party vendors, to empower customers to easily monitor the data that is being encrypted and decrypted by a given solution.

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