by Tim Reilly

A New, Modern Approach for Accelerated Cyberattack Detection

It’s been an exciting year at Zettaset, and we’re thrilled to unveil something new that the team has been hard at work on.

We’re pleased to introduce Zettaset’s new Advanced Monitoring module designed to reduce data breach detection times. The module is purpose-built for the Zettaset Encryption Management Console and offers innovative monitoring to highlight any anomalous key activity and proactively prompt users to contain a data breach.

With average data breach-related costs hitting an all-time high, it’s important that organizations incorporate a zero trust framework when deciding how best to secure their infrastructure. For example, according to IBM’s annual Cost of a Data Breach report, organizations expect a cost upwards of $4.35M to clean up the damage. That is a major number and could essentially destroy an organization.

This is where zero trust comes into the picture.

Zero trust is a security blueprint based on the principle of maintaining strict access controls and not trusting anyone by default. With eight pillars and a wealth of components within each one, we realize that not every enterprise is far along enough in this framework to operate risk-free. Most organizations don’t have the tools or resources to apply security practices consistently across all domains.

I recently discussed zero trust principles in my latest blog. Essentially, organizations need to monitor everything, all the time. This is a fundamental component across every zero trust pillar. The more monitoring and detection mechanisms that are put in place, the better. In practical terms, deploying a zero trust framework can reduce the cost of the breach by about 30 percent.

Zettaset’s new Advanced Monitoring module is the missing link – we’re modernizing cloud security, enabling data protection, and applying continuous verification so that customers can rest assured that sensitive data stays where it’s meant to be. Together with the Zettaset Encryption Management Console, we are integrating three key capabilities: protection, detection, and response.

The Zettaset Encryption Management Console is a unified platform that brings mission-critical, end-to-end visibility into data security and the encryption activities operating throughout an organization’s infrastructure. A single source of truth for data security, the Console was purpose-built to address standard operational challenges of enabling encryption throughout the network, whether its cloud-native, hybrid or on-premises environments.

Together with the Encryption Management Console, Zettaset’s Advanced Monitoring module will unite and simplify an organization’s entire data protection environment.

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