by Tim Reilly

Encryption: The Secret Sauce to Zero Trust and Protecting Critical Data

We recently partnered with MeriTalk – experts in government information technology and where industry professionals go to get their news and insight – to explore data protection utilization, best practices and challenges in the federal space.

Together, we surveyed 150 federal cybersecurity professionals. Our goal was to understand what’s holding these organizations back from effective data protection. The data confirmed what we already suspected – federal cybersecurity leaders are, unfortunately, no stranger to data breaches. But the findings also conveyed what we hoped for: these same federal cybersecurity leaders clearly recognize that there is an urgent need for better data protection measures.

This realization has much to do with the 2021 Executive Order on Cybersecurity, unveiled in 2021 by the Biden administration. The EO included a set of guidelines on building zero trust architectures to improve our nation’s cybersecurity efforts for both the public and private sectors. Mandatory rules were being formalized to create a safer world and one that would eventually be ready to combat advanced cyber threats.

For us longstanding cybersecurity professionals, we felt both optimistic and validated. Finally, a nationwide change was set into motion. The next step, however, was to really educate the masses on what “zero trust” meant. My colleague spoke to these guidelines in his latest Zettaset blog here. Essentially, organizations need to monitor everything, all the time, and the more monitoring and detection mechanisms that are put in place, the better. In practical terms, zero trust policies can reduce the cost of the breach by about 30 percent.

Unfortunately, threat actors are getting smarter by the day and are using new tactics to make their way into an organization’s system. As such, data breaches are inevitable – but thanks to technologies and methods like zero trust, organizations can better control an intrusion, detect it sooner, and recover from it faster.

Organizations within the private and public sector can count on Zettaset’s encryption solutions to provide a transparent, high-performance layer of security that flexibly protects data across on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Our engineering team has built next-generation encryption solutions that are transparent, easy-to-deploy and have a negligible effect on performance as they’re software-defined.

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For more details on our survey findings with MeriTalk, see below or click here.

Guarding Citizen Privacy: Using Encryption to Protect Federal Data