by Tim Reilly

Zettaset XCrypt Full Disk is Now RHEL 9 Certified

We’ve hit a significant milestone for Zettaset, our customers and our partner community. We’ve been a proud member of the Red Hat ecosystem for many years now and are excited to finally share that the Zettaset XCrypt Full Disk solution is one of the few data protection solutions on the market that has been tested and validated to work on a full scope of hybrid cloud environments, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 (RHEL 9.)

Zettaset’s RHEL 9 certification will deliver trusted data protection solutions to help customers scale wherever and however they need to in today’s hybrid cloud world. From where we sit, RHEL 9 is the foundation for the next generation of edge, hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. This certification and our commitment to Red Hat will bring the advanced security required to protect data in these new environments.

Backed by a robust partner ecosystem built on open source principles, RHEL 9 is truly a platform designed for hybrid cloud innovation; the platform helps organizations deploy applications and critical workloads faster with a more streamlined experience across physical, virtual, private and public cloud and edge deployments. Now, Zettaset’s Xcrypt Full Disk solution is supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9. Together, we are extending the reach of open innovation and mission critical workloads across IT footprints.

Zettaset’s XCrypt Full Disk is a software-only solution that enables the encryption of data stored in Red Hat environments without slowing down the DevOps process. In addition to providing a transparent and high-performance layer of security that flexibly protects container data across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, it can also help organizations efficiently transition from DevOps to DevSecOps.

Being a member of Red Hat Partner Connect means that Zettaset’s software solutions are certified for Red Hat’s portfolio of hybrid cloud and cloud-native products. Through this level of involvement, we’ve acquired critical expertise with Red Hat technologies through access to Red Hat releases and developer support, as well as key resources needed to test, certify and publish solutions that make use of Red Hat products.

For more information on Zettaset XCrypt Full Disk, please visit here.