Data Protection for VMware Tanzu

Zettaset XCrypt Virtual Key Manager and Data Encryption Solutions on VMware Cloud on AWS
Our software-only encryption solution is highly scalable, while at the same time reducing costs and simplifying deployment. Zettaset’s Virtual Key Manager and Data Encryption Solutions include a software-based key manager and Virtual Hardware Security Module that can be used stand-alone or integrated with existing encryption infrastructure.

XCrypt Full Disk provides volume- and partition-level encryption, and XCrypt Archive, a secure archival product. All products are tested on VMware Cloud on AWS. See our product page for more information.

Zettaset XCrypt Archive for Tanzu Backup Artifacts
Zettaset XCrypt Archive for Tanzu Application Service (TAS) protects your backup artifacts with strong encryption. Integrated with CF BOSH Backup and Restore, it transparently and automatically encrypts and restores backup artifacts. Zettaset’s software-defined encryption platform is a software-only design, which provides high-level security and enables it to easily scale out as needed.

  • Secure TAS Backup Artifacts: XCrypt Archive enables DevOps users to transparently and automatically encrypt and restore backup artifacts.
  • Automate Backup Encryption: Encrypts and decrypts artifacts as they stream to or from the backup store, either on the jumpbox or Concourse task, ensuring end-to-end security.
  • Scale to Any Size Data Store: XCrypt Archive is a software-based encryption tool that scales up or down effortlessly with your backup artifacts.

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