Software-defined Encryption for NetApp StorageGRID & Amazon S3

Zettaset’s XCrypt Object is a client-side, software-only encryption solution that achieves this highest level of security for data in NetApp StorageGRID deployments. It protects against both unauthorized data manipulation as well as unauthorized data access, and it uses encryption methods that can achieve speeds of up to 10+Gbps, enabling data stores to maintain their performance. XCrypt Object also includes XCrypt Virtual Enterprise Key Manager and Virtual Hardware Security Module, highly flexible, software-based solutions that automate the management of policies that protect and control access to business-critical encryption keys. Together, these products enable data protection that scales with high-volume, cloud-based, unstructured data stores, and protect data while in transit as well as in NetApp’s StorageGRID. XCrypt Object supports Amazon’s S3 API and encrypts your data on the client side as it’s moved from StorageGRID to S3, so it stays protected and you maintain control of your keys.

  • Designed to meet the unique data protection requirements of high-volume, cloud-based, unstructured NetApp object stores
  • Software-only solution simplifies deployment, easily scales in hybrid environments, and delivers exceptional price/performance
  • Highly granular, user-defined key and policy management
  • Provides secure authenticated encryption to protect ciphertext from unauthorized modification
  • Low cost client-side encryption solution that enables users to maintain control of their keys


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Software-defined Encryption for NetApp StorageGRID

Designed to meet the unique data protection requirements of high volume...