HIMSS Webinar: Breach. Theft. Disaster: Protecting the Digital Transformation from Itself in Healthcare

The rapid adoption of new technologies such as DevOps, IoT and Containers along with the further reliance on cloud infrastructures has created new exposure points for cyberattacks. The digital transformation initiatives being implemented to improve the patient experience leverage these emerging technologies, but comprehensive protection of the sensitive data at the core of these security solutions is lacking. Encryption plays a key role in any security strategy.

The defenses against a cyberattack will continue to be tested and the inevitable will happen. It’s not if, but when a data breach or theft occurs. Encryption provides that last line of defense and protects the data in whatever environment a new technology is deployed.

  • Security should not be an afterthought. Systems should be designed with security in mind
  • Security is never one solution but encryption is the core of security
  • Legacy security solutions cannot and should not be used in new technology environments

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