Protecting Your Data in Kubernetes – Container Journal On Demand Webinar

The proliferation of today’s digital work environment, coupled with the sprawl of remote customers and partners, has created an increasingly complex IT infrastructure. To keep up with the constant challenges of this new digital reality, many organizations have ramped up their development and use of cloud technology. Because of this, we are witnessing an increased adoption of containerization and naturally, in order to orchestrate the sprawl of containerized applications, we have also witnessed an uptick in Kubernetes.

This begs the question: How are companies handling the security of Kubernetes deployments? Are they taking the right precautionary measures to ensure the protection of data stored in these cloud-native environments?

This webinar looks at:

  • How organizations are deploying, using and managing containers and Kubernetes
  • Security of Kubernetes deployments
  • The best practices and technologies organizations should consider when approaching the security of data stored in containers and Kubernetes environments

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