Why Choose Zettaset?

Enterprise Encryption Solutions

The increased frequency and sophistication of data breaches and attacks by bad actors puts organizations at continued risk of data theft and manipulation, leading to significant business disruption. Compounding this problem is the astronomical growth of petabyte-scale data storage, cloud services, distributed systems, and virtualization. This shift is breaking down the traditional perimeter, forcing organizations to look at security differently, with the focus shifting from just the perimeter and defense-in-depth to the data that needs to be protected.

Zettaset provides encryption solutions for these issues in particular. Read on to see how Zettaset’s products are an excellent fit for a wide spectrum of applications and industries.

Industry Solutions

  • Financial ServicesZettaset’s advanced data encryption solutions are designed for complex distributed computing architectures that are deployed by companies in financial services for whom data is their most valuable asset.
  • GDPRZettaset’s easy-to-use, high-performance, scale-out XCrypt™ encryption solutions eliminates the hassle of the 72-hour Breach Notification Requirement, because data is encrypted and renders it unreadable and unusable.
  • HealthcareZettaset has developed security solutions designed and optimized, from the ground up, to address data privacy and protection needs in healthcare and other industries.
  • RetailZettaset’s advanced data encryption solutions can help e-commerce and online as well as brick-and-mortar retail organizations to meet PCI DSS v3.2 compliance requirements with a transparent, easy-to-deploy, centrally-managed solution set – without changes to operational processes.

Infrastructure Solutions

  • On premises securityZettaset’s products support on premises security natively, including full disk encryption and encrypted archiving of data.
  • Virtualization securityAll of Zettaset’s products work within virtualization infrastructure as they do with on premises and cloud infrastructure – seamlessly.
  • Cloud storage securityZettaset’s products are designed with cloud storage in mind, and XCrypt Object is specifically for Amazon S3 storage.
  • Hyperconverged InfrastructureHyperconverged infrastructure presents unique challenges, but Zettaset’s products secure data seamlessly from on premises, to cloud, to virtualized infrastructure, and all three together.