Zettaset Launches XCrypt Service Encryption for Cloud Foundry

Software-Defined Encryption Leader Forges New Standard for Distributed Environments

PHILADELPHIA – Cloud Foundry Summit (Booth #S7) – April 2, 2019Zettaset, a leading provider of software-defined encryption solutions, today introduced its groundbreaking new vision for encryption in distributed environments with the launch of XCrypt Service Encryption for Cloud Foundry. With XCrypt Service Encryption, all Cloud Foundry users will be able to encrypt BOSH releases of any data service with a single command and no further user interaction required.


The significant growth of cloud services and distributed systems, compounded with the sophistication of today’s data breaches, is forcing organizations to look at security differently and shift focus from the perimeter to securing and maintaining the integrity of the data that needs to be protected. Recognizing that former methods would no longer work in today’s complex, fluid IT environments, Zettaset has forged a software-defined approach to data encryption for optimal performance and scalability in distributed systems and elastic cloud environments.

“Old, centralized models of encryption are far too granular, produce too much latency, and simply can’t scale. They are no longer viable based on the needs of today’s organizations,” said Jim Vogt, CEO, Zettaset. “Zettaset has set out to address this market demand by patenting new ‘point-and-click’ encryption technology encompassing software-based key management, administration, and licensing to maximize the innovation potential of distributed environments.”

Zettaset’s patented, software-only approach to encryption simplifies deployment and eliminates the need for proprietary appliances. With XCrypt Service Encryption for Cloud Foundry, users have access to Zettaset’s XCrypt Service Encryption for CF, a high-performance, highly-scalable all-software encryption package. Zettaset also delivers BOSH release license and key managers that automate the management of policies that protect and control access to business-critical encryption keys, thus bridging the gap between manual, insecure ways of managing encryption keys and a complex key management system with a large number of options and settings.

“The advent of transformative technologies like distributed cloud environments and DevOps has brought with it expanding security challenges for enterprises,” said Mike Leone, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Organizations need every tool in their arsenal – especially one as critical as encryption – to be fully scalable, transparent and automated. A software-defined approach makes this a reality.”

Zettaset XCrypt Service Encryption for Cloud Foundry can be found at

For more information about the Zettaset XCrypt Data Encryption Platform, please visit www.zettaset.com.

About Zettaset
Zettaset is a software-defined encryption solution that can be transparently deployed across all physical and virtual enterprise environments. Unlike traditional solutions that are appliance-based, Zettaset is a cost-effective, software-only solution that is easy to deploy, does not impact performance, and scales with your business from on premise to the cloud. Learn more at zettaset.com.

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