Zettaset Customer Support

At Zettaset our goal is to ensure a positive, consistent, and successful customer experience with each one of our advanced big data software security solutions. As part of our on-going commitment, Zettaset offers a world-class customer service and support program to effectively complement our industry-leading family of big data encryption and key management solutions.

Every aspect of our customer service and support program is staffed by expert, highly-trained engineers who have years of experience with Zettaset big data security solutions as well as a deep domain experience around encryption, key management, access control, authentication, cloud security, multiple database environments, and compliance requirements.

Technical Support

Zettaset Technical Support is staffed by a highly-qualified team of engineers with proven expertise in encryption techniques, the latest generation of databases like NoSQL and Hadoop, legacy Relational databases, as well as popular cloud storage environments like Amazon S3. The Zettaset Technical Support team combines rich product knowledge with considerable networking, security, enterprise application and infrastructure experience. The unwavering goal of this team is to deliver world-class customer service and support.

Professional Services

The Zettaset Professional Services Group is dedicated to helping our customers realize the full value of our encryption, key management, and virtual HSM solutions. We offer a wide range of professional services that includes the planning, design, deployment, configuration, and fine-tuning of all solutions within the Zettaset Big Data Encryption suite of products. Every consultant in the Professional Services Group is a highly-trained professional with extensive enterprise application, data security, database, and industry / government compliance experience.

Training & Education

Complementing our Technical Support and Professional Services teams is a comprehensive set of training and education programs designed to provide customers with the knowledge and insight necessary to deploy and maintain all of Zettaset’s big data encryption and key management solutions.

Contact Zettaset Customer Support

US & Canada: Toll-free +1-866-561-4981

Fax: +1-650-314-7950