Big Data Use Cases – BioScience

Big Data Use Cases - BioScience

Manage biomedicine Big Data coming from two sources:
  • Genomics-driven end (genotyping, gene expression, and now next-generation sequencing data)
  • Payer-provider end (electronic medical records, pharmacy prescription information, insurance records)
Perform next-generation genome sequencing
  • Greatly simplifies the sequencing of DNA, generate whole genome sequences for large numbers of people at low cost
  • Raw data-wise, is 4 terabytes of data from one person
Perform clinical trials using vast trove of observational healthcare data
  • Analyze pharmacy and insurance claims data together to identify adverse drug events
  • Delve into molecular-level data to discover biomarkers that help classify patients based on their response to existing treatments
  • Push their results out to physicians

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