Fast, Scalable, Affordable

Transparent, High Performance Encryption for Containers

Zettaset delivers software-defined encryption for today’s software-defined world. Organizations across all industries choose XCrypt™ encryption solutions because they’re designed to function with near-zero latency to support the most demanding deployment requirements across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.

  • Works with your existing hardware and requires no specialized encryption expertise
  • High-performance, infinitely scalable, low latency, and budget-friendly
  • Software-based for simple, fast, automated deployment with no proprietary appliances needed

Zettaset XCrypt Container Encryption provides a first-of-its-kind, software-only encryption solution that protects containers from data theft in any physical or virtual environment. It’s transparent, easy-to-deploy, and has a negligible effect on performance as it’s software-defined. Plus, XCrypt Container Encryption works seamlessly with Docker, Red Hat Open Shift and Kubernetes and scales across on-prem, cloud, or edge deployments.

The Challenges of Container Security

Containers have gained a lot of momentum in the market because of their many use cases and benefits. But despite their impact, containers also create a host of new security challenges. Containers have short lifespans and move fast, so gaining full visibility into what’s happening in the environment has proven to be difficult. And unlike virtual machines, containers aren’t always isolated from each other, so one compromised container can quickly lead to another.

When it comes to containers, the leading security concern continues to be the security of data that’s stored in them. Many organizations rely on access control, monitoring/logging, and existing workload security solutions to protect their container environments, but very few organizations have incorporated encryption because of the performance effect and complexity it often adds. It’s for this reason that encryption is consistently the last security solution to make its way into newer technologies like containers.

The Importance of Encryption for Containers

The reality is that critical data resides in containers and it needs to be encrypted to ensure both security and compliance. In a recent study, the extensive use of encryption, threat intelligence sharing, and integrating security into the DevOps process were all associated with lower than average data breach costs. Among those, encryption had the greatest impact – reducing breach costs by an average of $360,000.

Why Zettaset for Container Encryption?

XCrypt Container is a first-of-its-kind encryption solution built specifically for containers. Because it’s software-only, it overcomes all the typical adoption barriers for encryption – offering a negligible effect on performance and adding no additional complexity to your container environments. XCrypt Container Encryption makes container encryption so simple, it’s hard not to do it.

Zettaset’s software-defined solution provides high performance encryption that transparently protects containers from data theft in any physical or virtual environment. Its ease of use and intelligence enables pervasive and on-demand encryption that’s scalable across any deployment.

  • Transparent integration into major container software via Zettaset’s volume driver
  • All required services run in containers – key manager, certificate authority, and license server
  • Management of host storage is completely automated
  • A dedicated volume group is allocated for each container volume
  • Container volumes are cryptographically tied to containers

XCrypt Container

Use Cases Include

  • Ensuring data protection in containers without the performance tax
  • Securing DevOps procedures across your organization
  • Ensuring compliance in highly regulated industries
  • Achieving internal or corporate security mandates

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