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Protect, detect, and respond to breaches faster in hybrid, multi-cloud deployments with Advanced Monitoring from Zettaset.

Cloud Security

The goal of migrating to the cloud is to improve performance, security, and lower costs while hosting applications and data in highly efficient deployments. With these benefits, arise new security vulnerabilities that can happen at various stages of a migration project and have a 26% higher average cost of a data breach for organizations with a high level of cloud migration1



to detect a Data Breach

4 M

Average Cost

of a Data Breach

26 %

Higher Cost

of a Data Breach

45 %


are occurring in the cloud

Cloud service providers adhere to a shared security responsibility model, which means your security team maintains some responsibilities for security as you move applications, data, containers, and workloads to the cloud, while the provider takes some responsibility, but not all. With 45% of all breaches occurring in the cloud, defining the line between your responsibilities and those of your providers is imperative for reducing the risk of introducing vulnerabilities into your public, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

Advanced Monitoring - Impact of Zero Trust on Average Cost of a Data Breach

Building a Zero Trust Framework

Many organizations are turning to a Zero Trust framework to modernize cloud security and help prevent future attacks. Zero Trust continuously verifies that the right users have the right access to the right data and helps reduce data exposure if there is a breach.

Organizations just starting with a Zero Trust deployment, lower their cost of a data breach by 21%

But unless you are applying security practices consistently across all domains, it may not be enough. Organizations that are in the mid-stage of their Zero Trust deployments, still have an average time to identify a breach of 212 days & 65 days to contain the breach.

Advanced Monitoring - Zero TrustZettaset’s Advanced Monitoring in the XCrypt Management Console reduces the window to detect a breach through innovative monitoring that highlights any anomalous activity outside of normal parameters to be investigated. Decreasing your time to identify and contain a data breach.

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