Clustrix and Zettaset Partner for Performance-Optimized RDBMS Encryption

Zettaset delivers the data protection, scalability and performance to support ClustrixDB’s scale-out SQL and massive throughput

San Francisco, Calif., – Jan. 11, 2017Clustrix, the leader in scale-out SQL and Zettaset, the leader in Big Data security, today announced a business and technology partnership that will transform data protection and privacy for companies that rely on large-scale OLTP databases. The benefits of the relationship are now available to customers who can seamlessly and securely deploy ClustrixDB 8.0 with the Zettaset Big Data Encryption Suite, to achieve the highest level of security, performance optimized for large-scale distributed computing and storage environments.

A drop-in replacement for MySQL, ClustrixDB powers some of the world’s most dynamic web applications with its scale-out, in-memory performance capabilities to ensure peak performance through heavy concurrent traffic. As the number of cyberattacks on online companies continues to rise, these sites also need to secure their customers’ data. The Clustrix/Zettaset partnership enables them to meet the most stringent security requirements without compromising either throughput or scalability.

Protecting your database shouldn’t decrease performance
“When it comes to securing an RDBMS, the status quo that companies are used to dealing with is akin to medieval knights–the more encryption ‘armor’ you add to your application, the slower you are,” said Mike Azevedo, CEO, Clustrix. “Working with Zettaset however, we’re enabling companies to secure their applications without weighing down performance.”

Zettaset Big Data Encryption (BDEncrypt) is an advanced, high-performance, volume-level encryption solution that is optimized for terabyte-scale data environments, and can be readily deployed on-premises and in the cloud. Zettaset BDEncrypt is the solution of choice for customers working with high volumes of sensitive data who must adhere to regulatory and/or corporate compliance mandates for data privacy and protection.

“Unlike legacy data security technologies, our entire encryption product line has been designed from the ground up to secure and protect massive volumes of data, both at-rest and in-motion, without negatively impacting business application performance in the enterprise or cloud,” said Zettaset CEO Jim Vogt. “Zettaset BDEncrypt is a perfect fit for ClustrixDB power users who need a data protection solution that matches the high-transaction performance requirements of their database environment.”

According to the companies, these capabilities—combined with Clustrix’s unique ability to scale out SQL to accommodate for the overhead of encryption by merely adding nodes—set the stage for a partnership that will deliver solutions that meet the demands tomorrow’s businesses will face.

Highly scalable, performance-optimized security is available now
The joint Clustrix-Zettaset solution is available now, and will provide ClustrixDB users with:

  • A highly scalable, performance-optimized big data encryption solution for deployment on-premises or in the cloud
  • Encryption protection for data-in-motion between Clustrix DB servers
  • Encryption protection for data-at-rest on ClustrixDB servers
  • A complete software-based encryption approach that also includes integrated key management and hardware security module (HSM) capabilities
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption, the highest level attainable

About Clustrix
Clustrix provides the leading scale-out relational database engineered for the cloud or data center. ClustrixDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL and an ideal solution for high-transaction, high-value workloads typically found in businesses such as ad tech, e-commerce, gaming and large web and mobile businesses. Our customers use ClustrixDB for critical business applications that support massive transactional volume and real-time reporting of business performance metrics. ClustrixDB delivers more than 25 trillion transactions per month for customers including AOL, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, Photobox, Rakuten and Symantec. Headquartered in San Francisco, visit to learn more.
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About Zettaset
Zettaset, the leader in Big Data security, provides proven enterprise-class data privacy and protection for Relational, Object, NoSQL, and Hadoop data environments. Unlike traditional security approaches, Zettaset data protection solutions are designed and performance-optimized for today’s complex and demanding distributed-computing architectures and elastic cloud environments. Enterprise customers can rely on Zettaset to provide advanced Big Data security solutions that deliver high performance and scalability, while easily fitting into existing enterprise IT security and policy frameworks. Visit us at

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