XCrypt Cloud Encryption Platform

Complete Client-Side Control of All Encryption Processes and Services Between the Enterprise and the Cloud

Zettaset XCrypt Cloud Encryption Platform is an advanced data protection platform for Big Data in the cloud that addresses the growing concern over cloud service providers’ dual role of storing encrypted data and having access to encryption keys, and the exposure it creates for unauthorized decryption of sensitive data.

Ideal for organizations with strict data privacy mandates and regulated compliance requirements, the XCrypt Cloud Encryption Platform from Zettaset ensures that cloud service providers know nothing about the content of encrypted customer data or customer keys.

XCrypt™ provides enterprise customers with full client-side encryption control of all data hosted in cloud storage environments as well as data transferring between the enterprise and cloud.

The initial release of the XCrypt Cloud Encryption Platform supports users of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), an object-based data store. The Zettaset XCrypt solution is extensible, with support for other cloud services and data stores available in 2017.

XCrypt Cloud Encryption Platform Highlights
  • Provides enterprise customers with complete client-side control of all encryption processes and services between the enterprise and the cloud, including key management and data protection
  • Eliminates the need to surrender ownership and control of data and keys to cloud service providers or any other third parties
  • Provides a single point of control for integrated Zettaset Big Data Encryption Suite, including encryption software, virtual key manager and virtual hardware security module
  • Protects data in-motion and data at-rest
  • Integrates with existing standards-based security infrastructure, including KMIP-compliant key managers and PKCS#11-compliant hardware security modules
  • User-defined policy determines what data is encrypted and level of key granularity
  • All-software solution simplifies deployment, easily scales, and delivers exceptional price/performance

Cloud adoption is transforming business, providing organizations with greater agility and unprecedented economies of scale. According to a recent IDG Enterprise cloud computing survey, 70% of respondents have already moved at least one application or a portion of their infrastructure to the cloud. However, the security of cloud computing solutions remains a top concern.

With the XCrypt Cloud Encryption Platform, Zettaset extends advanced big data encryption capabilities into the cloud, providing organizations with complete control over cloud encryption services, including key management.

Enterprises no longer need to share encryption keys with cloud service providers or any other outside entity, and can securely transition their most sensitive data into the cloud with greater confidence.

XCrypt Cloud Encryption Platform for Amazon S3XCrypt Cloud Encryption Platform for Amazon S3

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