Enterprise Backup and Restore with Integrated Key Management

XCrypt Archive is a high performance, software-only backup and restore solution that works with structured or unstructured data. It’s suited for data stores of any size, from a single file to an entire database. XCrypt Archive uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption, the largest key size available. It is designed for high security applications and data stores of any size.

XCrypt Archive interoperates with KMIP-compliant key managers, including Zettaset’s Virtual Enterprise Key Manager. If you already have a key manager, you can continue to use it, and if not, you can use Zettaset’s at no additional cost.

Also Available: XCrypt Archive for BOSH Backup & Restore
A Software-defined Solution

Zettaset’s software-only approach to encryption simplifies deployment and eliminates the need for proprietary appliances. It’s designed to be deployed on existing commodity hardware, drastically reducing the total cost of ownership compared to proprietary appliance-based solutions. Zettaset’s products can be deployed and maintained by existing IT staff and do not require specialized encryption experts.

XCrypt Archive Benefits

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Requires no proprietary hardware (appliances); software-only encryption solution that can be deployed on commodity and existing hardware – just point and encrypt
  • Does not require specialized encryption experts on staff – can be deployed and maintained by existing IT staff

High performance

  • Negligible performance impact on existing processes
  • All data is compressed prior to encryption, saving valuable storage


  • Secures structured & unstructured data


  • Command line interface simplifies automation and integration
  • KMIP compatible & PKCS #11 certified and interoperable with all major key managers and HSMs

XCrypt Archive Diagram

Archive Encryption for Pivotal Cloud Foundry BOSH Backup & Restore

Pivotal Cloud Foundry users – there’s a new way to secure your backup artifacts. It is security best practice to encrypt backups, and Pivotal asked Zettaset to build a solution that integrated tightly with BOSH Backup and Restore for DevOps users to transparently and automatically encrypt and restore backup artifacts. Zettaset’s software-defined encryption platform is uniquely suited for this purpose due to its software-only design, which provides security at a much lower cost than traditional appliance-based solutions and enables it to easily scale out as needed.

Zettaset’s solution is XCrypt Archive for BOSH Backup and Restore, now available in the Pivotal Network. It encrypts and decrypts artifacts as it’s streaming to or from the backup store, either on the jumpbox or Concourse task, ensuring end-to-end security. XCrypt Archive works on structured and unstructured data, and even though data is compressed prior to encryption, there’s negligible performance impact.

XCrypt Archive includes BBR scripts to automate the encryption and decryption processes, making it transparent to the DevOps user. Also included is Zettaset’s Virtual Enterprise Key Manager and Virtual Hardware Security Module, making it an all-in-one solution. XCrypt Archive is KMIP compatible and PKCS #11 certified, so if you already have a key manager and/or hardware security module, you can continue to use them. And best of all, it’s an easy to use system – no crypto experts necessary.

Archive Encryption for Pivotal Cloud Foundry BOSH Backup & Restore

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