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Maximum Performance with Maximum Security –
Protecting Redis Data Stores with Zettaset XCrypt Full Disk

Redis is an in-memory database platform powering real-time applications with the highest throughput, lowest latencies, and the least resources. In addition to being fully in-memory, Redis enables data persistence and high availability through replication and backups. Open-source Redis has gained popularity amongst users for its incomparable high performance and ease of use.

Redis Enterprise (Redise) enhances open-source deployments with a technology layer that makes scaling effortless and transparent to the user. Redise also adds unmatched resilience, with high availability that protects against every failure scenario and is benchmarked to recover within seconds without losing data. Performance optimizations within Redise ensure that applications that use it achieve flawless high performance under any load.

Redis is optimized for maximum performance and simplicity, but relies on users to maximize its security

Redis was designed to be accessed by trusted clients inside trusted environments. Exposing the Redis instance directly to the internet or to an environment where untrusted clients can directly access the Redis TCP port or UNIX socket carries a high risk. SSL using Stipes provides some basic security between the client and the data store, but Redis lacks built-in data-at-rest encryption to protect the data store.

Zettaset XCrypt Full Disk is a high-performance, partition-level encryption solution which, because of its high speed and extremely low latency, is ideal for encryption and decryption of in-memory stored data. Even if the periphery of the Redis Labs environment is breached, the data store itself remains securely protected.

XCrypt Full Disk can be applied to both data-at-rest, and data-in-motion, which also simplifies protection of a Redis Enterprise. Unlike legacy encryption technologies, XCrypt Full Disk is has been designed from the ground up for optimal performance and scalability in high volume data stores and distributed architectures. It be transparently applied in NoSQL environments similar to Redise, as well as in Relational/SQL, Object, and Hadoop data stores.

High-Performance Data Encryption for High Performance Data Stores

The industry-leading performance of XCrypt Full Disk makes it the ideal match for Redis Labs, especially when snap-shotting, dumping data to disk, or holding your Redis data in Flash memory. XCrypt Full Disk is optimized for superior performance in in-memory and scale-out distributed computing environments, with negligible impact on application performance: approximately 3% * for data-at-rest encryption and 7%* for data-in-motion encryption. (*Measured using TeraSort MapReduce Benchmark).

Zettaset XCrypt Full Disk includes a policy engine for highly granular management of ACLs. XCrypt Full Disk can be configured to align with the frequency of the Redis snap-shotting process and to encrypt the snapshots as they are saved to disk. Because XCrypt Full Disk works transparently across data environments, you can choose to store the snapshots in Relational, NoSQL, or Object data stores. XCrypt Full Disk provides encryption that does not inhibit Redis Labs performance.

Redis and Zettaset are working together to provide joint customers with the best of both worlds: An industry leading database that is optimized for maximum performance and maximum security.

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