Zettaset and Micro Focus Deliver an Encryption Solution for the Enterprise

Zettaset XCrypt Data Encryption Platform and Micro Focus Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM)
Solution Highlights
  • Micro Focus completed interop testing with Zettaset and verified that the Micro Focus ESKM fully interoperates with Zettaset Big Data Encryption Suite KMIP-compliant encryption software application
  • Micro Focus Enterprise Secure Key Manager and Zettaset KMIP compliance ease integration into existing key management environments, enabling customers to retain the value of their existing technology investments
  • Zettaset offers a standards-based, low-overhead approach linking up AES-256 bit encryption with existing frameworks, and smoothly interoperates with KMIP-compliant key management, PKCS#11 hardware security modules, and a wide range of leading Relational, NoSQL, Hadoop, and Object-oriented databases
Micro Focus Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM)

Micro Focus ESKM is an enterprise key manager that supports all types of HP Storage and Server data protection solutions, and also supports Micro Focus partners and non-Micro Focus environments through OASIS KMIP-compliant clients. Micro Focus ESKM 4.0 is the first commercial KMIP server to be certified as conformant under the OASIS SSIF KMIP Conformance Test Program.

Micro Focus ESKM customers need to secure and protect their data-at-rest efficiently. They desire to ensure data availability, eliminate the risk of data loss, maintain compliance and reduce operational costs. They need an enterprise key manager to automate the management and control of policies that protect and control access to their business-critical encryption keys.

Zettaset XCrypt Data Encryption Platform

Zettaset XCrypt Data Encryption Platform is a high-performance software solution that protects data-at-rest and data-in-motion, using 256-bit AES-NI and innovative patent-pending approaches, by encrypting big data in distributed computing environments including Relational, NoSQL, Hadoop, and Object-oriented databases.

Zettaset’s unique encryption process is transparent to the end user and has a negligible impact on database performance, making it ideal for enterprise and cloud environments where scalability and system efficiency are paramount.

Zettaset XCrypt Data Encryption Platform is KMIP- and PKCS#11-compliant, ensuring customers of seamless interoperability with Micro Focus ESKM, as well as other KMIP- and PKCS#11-compliant encryption devices and software.

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