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Find out more about technologies and tools used to maintain enterprise-class security in Big Data environments including Hadoop, NoSQL, and relational databases. View big data security videos on some of the most common challenges faced by the enterprise. See Big Data security solutions that meet the demanding requirements of today’s businesses, such as, encryption, access control and authentication.

Building a Secured Hadoop Cluster on Robin with Zettaset

Robin’s Virtual Data Lake capability enables organizations to consolidate data across multiple HDFS clusters and make it available to applications in a unified manner. This helps democratize data access and eliminates delays in provisioning or copying data. By enabling on-demand data access, Robin helps organizations become more agile, productive, and data-driven. However, as data is a critical enterprise asset, it is vital to ensure security and governance. By using Zettaset data encryption and governance capability along with Robin Virtual Data Lake, an organization can ensure secure sharing of data across the enterprise, empower business users, and cut costs by eliminating data duplication.

Zettaset BDEncrypt Plus – Get Data Encryption + Integrity Protection

New BDEncrypt Plus - The Ultimate Protection for Big Data, explained in less than two-minutes.

Zettaset – Enterprise Big Data Security on IBM POWER8

Zettaset is a leader in big data security and provides IBM Power Systems Enterprise-Class Encryption for Hadoop and NoSQL Databases. The POWER8 and Zettaset combination appeals to the retail, financial and healthcare verticals because of the requirement for high security and compliance for collected data. The Power Systems ability to scale out while maintaining performance and integration with Linux has been very valuable to customers working with open source databases.

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See how Zettaset BDEncrypt secures Veristorm Big Data platform on IBM Power Systems

Veristorm recently released two Big Data related solutions that run on Linux on IBM POWER8 systems. Zettaset BDEncrypt is used to provide secure, encrypted encrypt and protect sensitive data-at-rest. In this demo, you will see how easy it is to setup and operate a Veristorm Hadoop cluster in the cloud.

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