Zettaset Case Studies
Zettaset Enables a Leading Cloud-based Healthcare Ecosystem Data Analysis Platform to Protect Petabyte-Scale PHI Data Running on Pivotal Greenplum Database

Zettaset XCrypt™ Data Encryption Platform delivers the performance, scalability and ease of use required to efficiently encrypt massive amounts of data in a distributed computing environment.

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Encrypting Data-at-Rest and in-Motion for Pivotal Greenplum

Hackers want data, and data warehouses are prime targets—all the customer data is just sitting there in one place. If it is unencrypted, it is scary to think what a breach affords. In addition, regulatory standards, like HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI, are absolute requirements in the world of compliance.

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Zettaset Enables Major Healthcare Company to Maintain Critical HIPAA Compliance

The XCrypt™ Data Encryption Platform helps a leading cloud-based healthcare financial management platform to secure the privacy of Protected Health Information (PHI)

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