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GDPR 101 - What You Need to Know

Whether you’re just hearing about the GDPR for the first time or you’re beginning to make preparations, this guide will help you on your GDPR journey.

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Data Theft Survival Guide

Data breaches and the loss of sensitive business information are the biggest threat that organizations face today. While lone wolf attackers are still out there causing their own brand of mayhem, cyber crime syndicates comprised of hacking professionals are the real concern. All industries and organizations, regardless of their size, are at risk because of the valuable personally identifiable information (PII) of customers and employees that their databases hold. Compounding this problem, with Internet of Things (IoT) devices becoming ingrained in our business operations, we are exposing ourselves to new risks.

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Data Protection Officer: A GDPR Guide

The much-anticipated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brings massive, necessary changes to data protection in an increasingly vulnerable cyberspace. These modifications touch upon everything from general accountability to data processing to rights to sanctions. The GDPR applies to any and all companies that collect and use the personal data of individuals residing within the EU, regardless of where that company is located in the world.

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Ensuring Data Integrity Against The New Cyber Threat

Cyberattacks are not just increasing in frequency, they are becoming more sophisticated. Meanwhile, cybersecurity professionals are faced with new challenges protecting data on massive data storage and cloud platforms.

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The Biggest Healthcare Data Breaches and Their Impacts

The healthcare industry has the greatest risk of being targeted by a data breach, and is the No. 1 target of ransomware attacks.

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The Biggest Financial Services Data Breaches and Their Impacts

The financial services industry has long been prone to cybersecurity breaches and data theft. However, technological advances and massive growth in the past decade have left this sector more vulnerable than ever to data breaches.

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Shoplifting on Steroids: The Most Costly Retail Data Breaches of All Time

Thieves once targeted the retail industry for its physical goods, but the rise of the computer era proved cyber attacks to be more lucrative.

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Healthcare Cybersecurity

What Data Thieves Are After
Data breaches within the healthcare industry have been growing at an alarming rate since 2013. That was the first year the healthcare industry topped the list of data breaches by industry; 44% of all data breaches in 2013 targeted the healthcare industry. Since then, the data security crisis has grown more dire as cybercriminals expand their reach. Healthcare is at the center of the concern.

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