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Four Encryption Features To Prioritize When Choosing Encryption Software

encryption features

Choosing your encryption solution is a major decision. This is the software that protects the valuable digital assets in your enterprise organization even when a perimeter breach occurs, making your sensitive company and customer information absolutely undecipherable. But how do you know you’re choosing the right solution? Here are a few key encryption features you need to look for when making your final purchasing decision.

Near-zero Latency
Adding security functionality to a networking environment typically increases the time it takes to access files. This isn’t just the time it takes to enter the encryption key, but the time it takes the software to decrypt and retrieve the file. However, there are solutions that reduce this latency to the point that it is referred to as “near-zero latency.” This means the latency is so negligible, users will not experience any perceptible application delay. To ensure you can access your data without noticeable latency or delay. It is imperative you select encryption software with near-zero latency.
You Determine What Kind of Key Manager (and HSM) You Use

Some enterprise data encryption software is reliant on external hardware. Or, it requires that you invest in additional equipment regardless of whether or not you already have that equipment at your organization. Go with data encryption solutions that allow you to determine what kind of key manager or Hardware Security Module (HSM) you use—theirs or yours. The ability to rely on an existing HSM or key manager you already have installed gives you the flexibility to build an infrastructure that works for your company.

Whatever key manager or HSM you determine you should use, confirm that it meets OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Systems) standards. These include the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) for key managers, and Public Key Cryptography Standard #11 (PKCS) for HSMs.

No More Data Replication Hassle

Traditional data encryption software requires end users to replicate and move their data stores temporarily to another server to apply the encryption solution. This is a very disruptive process that takes considerable time and temporarily impedes access to your data. Choosing a solution that allows you to use your data while encrypting it means you suffer no downtime during installation. It also reduces the possibility of introducing errors and corrupting your data. Data can be corrupted or lost if accidentally mishandled. So eliminating the need to replicate your data naturally eliminates that risk.

This is an important consideration when prioritizing encryption features.

Adaptable—Cloud or On-Premises

While data environments are migrating into the cloud, many encryption solutions on the market today were not specifically developed with cloud storage and distributed systems in mind. When legacy encryption solutions came on the market, cloud storage simply wasn’t a factor. A decade ago, there was only a fraction of the data that exists today. Almost all of it was stored on-premises.

Many legacy solutions were simply not designed to work with the extremely large data sets that are typical in today’s elastic cloud environments, Your best option to ensure optimal performance and unrestricted scalability is to deploy a solution designed from the ground up to work in elastic cloud and hybrid on-premises/cloud environments.

Choose an encryption solution specifically designed to support a variety of cloud infrastructures and on-premises architectures. The decision where best to store your data should not be constrained by your data encryption solution. Each organization has its own reasons for storing data in the cloud, on-premises, or a combination of the two. When you are “trapped” by your encryption solution, it’s time to choose a new one. Your business is continuously evolving so you need a solution that will easily adapt and grow with you.

Zettaset has all of the encryption features you need for flexibility, scalability, and high performance. Get a demo today.

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