by Tim Reilly

Zettaset and Red Hat: Better Together

The ubiquity of container adoption and Kubernetes across enterprise environments is on the rise. However, many organizations focus entirely on investing in technology that simply helps orchestrate container activity. This has created a significant opportunity for cybercriminals to capitalize on the lack of proper security protocols in place that protect data stored in container environments.

To help with this issue, we partnered with Red Hat and became a certified Red Hat OpenShift Operator, providing capabilities for the encryption of data stored in Red Hat OpenShift container environments. To put it simply, Zettaset and Red Hat work better together by enabling speedy innovation for end-users without them having to worry about the security of their data.

The Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) enables application developers to deliver their work either as docker containers and/or virtual machine encapsulation on the same deployment platform. The Zettaset OpenShift Security Solution delivers on the promise of container data security in the same way that Red Hat delivers the stable, consistent and supported base that organizations need to get applications out the door faster.

With Zettaset, OpenShift users can flexibly protect data within containers across any on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployment with fast and transparent encryption.

Interested in learning more? We made it easy for OpenShift users to understand the role encryption plays in OpenShift environments via a straightforward solution brief. Check it out here:

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