by Tim Reilly

Introducing Our New U.S. and Canada Distributor: SYNNEX Corporation

Data has truly become the most valuable resource in our economy. The evolving threat landscape is urging enterprises to rethink how they are protecting this resource – and as hybrid cloud and edge computing deployments are rapidly adopted, demand for data protection solutions has simply exploded.

To help meet this growing need, we’re pleased to share that we partnered with SYNNEX Corporation. Zettaset will now offer its XCrypt Encryption solutions and the Zettaset Encryption Management Console to SYNNEX customers across the United States and Canada.

This new partnership with SYNNEX will empower customers to optimize their data protection strategies while also managing their encryption solutions with ease using Zettaset’s XCrypt Encryption products and Encryption Management Console.

Both Zettaset solutions are infinitely scalable and seamless to deploy, delivering unmatched time-to-value for organizations with even the most complex infrastructures.

SYNNEX customers will now be armed with Zettaset’s powerful solutions to help them encrypt data without impacting their business or slowing them down in any way – which is a pivotal component of modern data protection strategies in today’s security landscape.

We recently had a great discussion with SYNNEX for its PB&J series about Zettaset and  the data protection it provides to Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes. You can view the entire discussion via LinkedIn here.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to our team to learn how Zettaset enables customers to drive innovation without worrying about the security of their data.