Big Data Use Cases Healthcare

Big Data Use Cases Healthcare

From predicting outbreaks of contagious disease to fraud analysis and identification, Big Data can be used to improve functionality and find repeatable patterns within Healthcare systems. A high-availability Hadoop cluster can even be used to predict future illness and costs through pattern matching of patient visits, diagnoses, and patient-provider interactions. In order to make the most of big data, companies in the healthcare industry need a health data management and security platform. Here are some Big Data Use Cases Healthcare:

Predict outbreaks using reliable EHR information on the geographical distribution and incidence of disease as quickly as possible
  • Provide data faster than surveillance systems that rely on patients/doctors voluntarily submitting reports.
Use pattern matching for predictive health: Correlate patient visits, diagnostics, and hospital/provider interactions across years of multiple visits
  • Find repeatable patterns in patient data & long term illness diagnosis (hypertension, diabetes, cancer, etc.)
  • Predict re-treatment risk & proactively address, to avoid re-admission within Medicare’s 30-day window
Identify best care approach via clinical analysis
  • Longitudinal analysis of care across patients and diagnoses
  • Cluster analysis around influencers on treatment, physicians, therapist; patient social relationships
Perform fraud analysis and identification via pattern analysis
  • Understand relationships among parties (physicians, consumers, organizations), locations, time of filing, frequency and circumstances
  • Detect potential for computer generated claims; graph analysis of cohort networks

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