Use Cases: Hadoop for Big Data Management

Create secure, compliant, structured, and scalable Big Data environments without the need for extensive IT resources or continuous and costly support from professional services. Zettaset provides security layer that meets industry compliance requirements and at the same time allowing high-availability data processing.

Hadoop Big Data Healthcare

Multi-Service High Availability: Automated fail-over for all critical Hadoop services

Hadoop big data management – data-at-rest encryption

Data-at-Rest Encryption: Prevents data visibility in the event of the unauthorized access or theft



Hadoop Big Data Healthcare

Healthcare: Secure Hadoop makes predictive big data a possibility

Hadoop big data management – BioScience

BioSciences: Unlocking genetic potential with high-availability Hadoop

Hadoop management – Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas: Achieve data sequencing of seismic proportions with Hadoop

Hadoop big data - Financial

Financial Services: Increase revenue through personalization and prediction

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