Use Cases: Hadoop for Big Data Management

Create secure, compliant, structured, and scalable Big Data environments without the need for extensive IT resources or continuous and costly support from professional services. Zettaset Orchestrator provides security layer that meets industry compliance requirements and at the same time allowing high-availability data processing.

Hadoop Big Data Healthcare
Healthcare: Secure Hadoop makes predictive big data a possibility

From predicting outbreaks of contagious disease to fraud analysis and identification, Big Data can be used to improve functionality and find repeatable patterns within Healthcare systems. A high-availability Hadoop cluster can even be used to predict future illness and costs through pattern matching of patient visits, diagnoses, and patient-provider interactions. In order to make the most of big data, companies in the healthcare industry need a health data management and security platform.

Hadoop big data management – BioScience
BioSciences: Unlocking genetic potential with high-availability Hadoop

Manage biomedical data coming from multiple sources: Genomics (genotyping, gene expression, and now next-generation sequencing data) and the Payer-provider (electronic medical records, pharmacy prescription information, insurance records). With Hadoop, organizations can utilize these capabilities for advanced clinical trials and push results out to physicians quickly. Big Data can also be used to perform next-generation genome sequencing for large numbers of people at low cost.

Hadoop management – Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas: Achieve data sequencing of seismic proportions with Hadoop

Virtually every piece of advanced technology involved in the exploration and production of oil and gas deals with large amounts of data. With Big Data systems like Hadoop, organizations can quickly and effectively manage, use and access petabytes of data, in addition to having the ability to analyze it in real-time. On top of analyzing meta-data, Big Data allows you to process large datasets for 3D seismic imaging and Kirchhoff Time Migration.

Hadoop big data - Financial
Financial Services: Increase revenue through personalization and prediction

Use Big Data to not only better serve and retain customers, but also predict how customers and competitors’ customers will behave. By staying one step ahead, organizations can tailor and price products accordingly, improving profit margins in a competitive economy. Big Data allows you to transform data into actionable information to utilize now and provide insight for the future. Manage regulatory compliance and risk, identify fraud more rapidly, and improve operational efficiency.

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