Big Data Security Webinars

Join industry-leading experts as they navigate today’s Big Data ecosystem. Watch webinars that give insight into big data and Hadoop management, big data security, and big data performance.

ODPi Member Conversation with Zettaset

Episode 5 features Zettaset’s CMO John Armstrong and Director of Product Management Sesh Ramaswami, speaking with ODPi Program Director John Mertic about the security challenges deploying Hadoop in production, data governance, operations and security expectations and how nonprofit organizations like OASIS and ODPi can help …

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Taking the Fear Out of Big Data Management

Transitioning to Big Data can be intimidating, but this webinar can help. Join Forrester Research, Inc. Principal Analyst, Mike Gulatieri, as he shares insights into navigating today’s Big Data ecosystem. Learn tips to help ease use, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies of Hadoop management.

Featuring: Mike Gulatieri of Forrester Research, Inc.; John Armstrong of Zettaset, Inc; Eyal Gutkind of Mellanox Technologies

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Understanding Big Data Security

The open-source framework of Hadoop poses inherent security risks for Big Data environments. Join IBM PowerLinux and Zettaset in this webinar to learn how to address these concerns, and what solutions are available to tighten security.

Featuring: Merv Adrian of Gartner Research; Gina King of IBM PowerLinux; Jim Vogt of Zettaset

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What is Hadoop and Where is it Going?

Few innovations over the past 40 years compare to the hype or significance of Hadoop. But despite the vast array of software vendors touting their Hadoop strategy, very few businesses have yet to fully wrap their heads around what this development means, or where it’s going.

Featuring: Dr. Robin Bloor of The Bloor Group, Ray Wang of Constellation Research, Nikita Ivanov of GridGain, John Santaferraro of Actian, Jim Vogt of Zettaset and Phu Hoang of DataTorrent

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Safe and Sound: A Plan for Securing Big Data

DM Radio Broadcast Central

Big data is everywhere these days, and that’s part of the security challenge. In many cases, organizations use their existing security infrastructure to manage access to big data, but that approach won’t always work. How can your company ensure that big data remains safe and sound?

Host Eric Kavanagh interviews security expert and Zettaset Director of Engineering Maksim Yankovskiy, along with participants from Phasic Systems, Brinqa, and Cloudera.

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