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Learn more about technologies and tools used to maintain a secure Hadoop cluster and bring simplified big data management to the enterprise. The assets below address some of the most common big data management challenges faced by large enterprises, as well as details on secure Hadoop management solutions that meet the needs of large and small organizations alike.

The Case for a Secure Hadoop Environment
Closing the Big Data Management & Security Gap

Exclusive research by Nik Rouda, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)
More and more companies are exploring new opportunities offered by big data and advanced analytics, across a broad range of industries and functional lines of business. However, as big data projects migrate from pilot to production deployment and extend beyond the exclusive realm of IT and into the business unit, new factors come into play.

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The Big Data Security Gap: Protecting the Hadoop Cluster

Hadoop and similar NOSQL data stores enable any organization, large or small, to collect, manage, and analyze immense data sets. Unfortunately, these nascent technologies were not designed with comprehensive security in mind. Only a new approach that addresses the unique architecture of distributed computing can meet the Hadoop security environments of the enterprise data center.

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Enterprise-ready Big Data Management for Hadoop
Actian ParAccel Hadoop Analytics and Zettaset Orchestrator

Hadoop has tremendous business potential as an analytic platform, but its lack of role-based security, high availability, and legitimate native analytics have crippled its adoption as an enterprise platform. The combined Actian + Zettaset Hadoop security solution is distribution agnostic, meaning that it will work with any leading Hadoop distributions available today.

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Zettaset Corporate Fact Sheet

Zettaset, the leader in secure Big Data management, automates, accelerates, and simplifies Hadoop deployment for the enterprise. Zettaset Orchestrator™ is a commercial software application that is the ultimate Hadoop add-on, designed to address enterprise requirements for security, high availability, performance, and ease-of-use in a distributed computing environment.

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Orchestrator High Availability

Orchestrator delivers enterprise class high-availability across all Hadoop services, eliminating single points of failure that exist in open source Hadoop, and delivering the robust security and compliance capabilities that enterprises expect and need. Zettaset Orchestrator is not a Hadoop distribution, but operates as a fully-compatible management layer that augments open source distributions, including Cloudera and Hortonworks distros.

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Storage Options for Advanced Hadoop Security
Zettaset Orchestrator on IBM PowerLinux Servers

Maximize the security and processing capabilities of Hadoop installations by combining the parallel computing capabilities and high availability of IBM PowerLinux with Zettaset Orchestrator hardened for enterprise security, high-availability and performance for big data and analytics solutions.

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Hyve Solutions bigD Series Hadoop Appliance

The bigD Series8 platforms integrate the Apache Hadoop software framework, high-performance Ethernet switches from Brocade, and sophisticated Zettaset Orchestrator cluster management into a single, easy-to-implement system that can be deployed and expanded in hours - not days or weeks.

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Secure Data Warehouse

A data warehouse is first and foremost a data integration and rationalization engine, and as such requires multiple technologies in order to operate. The need to extract value from Big Data is driving organizations to seek advanced capabilities from data warehouse providers.

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