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Protecting Data Integrity Against the New Cyber Threat

While it’s well known that cyber attackers attempt to steal valuable data that can be re-sold, such as credit card and social security numbers, a new form of attack is causing even greater concern to business and government: malicious modification of data, and subsequent loss of data integrity.

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Managing Hadoop: what’s the best approach?

Exclusive report by Gigaom Research
Currently, cloud-based Hadoop clusters are receiving a lot of publicity while most of the Hadoop action is on-premises (on-prem), but an emerging option promises to combine the best of both approaches by adding a management layer to Hadoop on-prem.

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Closing the Big Data Management & Security Gap

Exclusive research by Nik Rouda, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)
More and more companies are exploring new opportunities offered by big data and advanced analytics, across a broad range of industries and functional lines of business. However, as big data projects migrate from pilot to production deployment and extend beyond the exclusive realm of IT and into the business unit, new factors come into play.

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The Big Data Security Gap: Protecting the Hadoop Cluster

Hadoop and similar NOSQL data stores enable any organization, large or small, to collect, manage, and analyze immense data sets. Unfortunately, these nascent technologies were not designed with comprehensive security in mind. Only a new approach that addresses the unique architecture of distributed computing can meet the Hadoop security environments of the enterprise data center.

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