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Learn more about technologies and tools used to maintain enterprise-class security in Big Data environments including Hadoop, NoSQL, and relational databases. Read about some of the most common big data security and management challenges faced by the enterprise, as well as details on Big Data security solutions that meet the demanding requirements of today’s businesses.

Zettaset Solution Briefs and White Papers
Zettaset BDEncrypt

Scale-out Data-centric Protection for Relational/SQL, NoSQL, Object, and Hadoop Big Data Environments

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XCrypt™ Cloud Encryption Gateway for Amazon S3

Complete Client-Side Control of All Encryption Processes and Services Between the Enterprise and the S3 Cloud

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Zettaset Big Data Encryption Key Management

V-EKM Virtual Enterprise Key Manager
V-HSM Virtual Hardware Security Module
S3 Basic Client

Data-Centric Security Optimized for Big Data and Cloud

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IBM Power Systems and Zettaset Big Data Encryption Suite

The ideal data-centric security solution for protecting distributed systems

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Zettaset Security for Robin Architecture

Distributed Big Data systems such as Hadoop and other NoSQL applications are an important part of the current data center infrastructure — to store petabytes of data that must be accessed by multiple applications. Naturally, protection of this stored data is a major concern for enterprises. The increased frequency as well as the sophistication of high-profile data breaches and malicious hacking, exposes organizations to the ever-growing risk of data theft and significant business disruption.

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Zettaset Encryption Suite

Data-Centric Protection for Big Data Environments

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Protecting Data Integrity Against the New Cyber Threat

While it’s well known that cyber attackers attempt to steal valuable data that can be re-sold, such as credit card and social security numbers, a new form of attack is causing even greater concern to business and government: malicious modification of data, and subsequent loss of data integrity.

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BDEncrypt Plus - The Ultimate Protection for Big Data

The increased frequency and sophistication of high-profile data breaches and malicious hacking is putting organizations at continued risk of data theft and significant business disruption. The massive attack surface of big data stores like Hadoop makes them even more vulnerable to unauthorized intrusion.

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Zettaset Encryption KMIP Client Integration-Certified with HPE Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM)

The Zettaset and HP Atalla integration solution provides standards-based security, encryption and key management for open source Apache Hadoop environments. HP ESKM and Zettaset KMIP-compliant encryption eases integration into existing key management environments, enabling customers to retain the value of their technology investments. Together HP and Zettaset address critical security gaps in the Hadoop open-source ecosystems with a scalable, high-performance, commercial solution.

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Managing Hadoop: what’s the best approach?

Exclusive report by Gigaom Research
Currently, cloud-based Hadoop clusters are receiving a lot of publicity while most of the Hadoop action is on-premises (on-prem), but an emerging option promises to combine the best of both approaches by adding a management layer to Hadoop on-prem.

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Thales e-Security and Zettaset Delivering Enterprise-Class Encryption for Big Data Environments

A majority of the data being collected and stored by enterprise organizations today is unstructured, and thus Hadoop represents an ideal solution for storing and organizing that data in a cost-effective manner. However, important sensitive data also requires protection from misuse or undetected modification to ensure privacy and compliance with regulatory mandates such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOX.

For more information about Thales, go to:

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Closing the Big Data Management & Security Gap

Exclusive research by Nik Rouda, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)
More and more companies are exploring new opportunities offered by big data and advanced analytics, across a broad range of industries and functional lines of business. However, as big data projects migrate from pilot to production deployment and extend beyond the exclusive realm of IT and into the business unit, new factors come into play.

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Zettaset Corporate Fact Sheet

Zettaset, the leader in Big Data security, is an ISV that offers proven enterprise-class data protection for Hadoop distributions and NoSQL databases. Zettaset data encryption, access-control, and authentication solutions are uniquely designed and optimized for scale and performance in today’s complex and demanding distributed-computing environments. Customers can rely on Zettaset to deliver advanced Big Data security solutions like BDEncrypt PlusTM that provide advanced data encryption that includes unique added protection of user-to-key authentication.

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The Big Data Security Gap: Protecting the Hadoop Cluster

Hadoop and similar NOSQL data stores enable any organization, large or small, to collect, manage, and analyze immense data sets. Unfortunately, these nascent technologies were not designed with comprehensive security in mind. Only a new approach that addresses the unique architecture of distributed computing can meet the Hadoop security environments of the enterprise data center.

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SANS – The SysAdmin, Audit, Network, and Security (SANS) Institute

The most trusted source for computer security training, certification and research.

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The CIS Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense version 6.0

A recommended set of actions that provide specific and actionable ways to stop today's most pervasive and dangerous cyberattacks.

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The Center for Internet Security

Dedicated to enhancing the cybersecurity readiness and response among public and private sector entities. Huge compendium of information security resources.

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Useful Resources
Cyber Threats and Data Breaches Illustrate Need for Stronger Controls across Federal Agencies

U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) Testimony, July 2015

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How Protected Critical Infrastructure Information (PCII) Is Protected

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

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