Let’s face it: The expansiveness and complexity of Big Data has rendered traditional data processing, storage, and security solutions as inadequate. The highly-scalable distributed computing architectures that provide the infrastructure for Big Data cannot be effectively addressed by legacy technologies that were originally designed for monolithic relational database environments.

While Big Data may have its challenges, it represents the new normal for business organizations and government agencies that must process, analyze, and secure petabyte-scale data stores. Big Data is here to stay.

Zettaset creates data security software that is optimized for Big Data environments and distributed computing architectures, and is transparent and compatible with open source Hadoop distributions, NoSQL and relational databases. Zettaset augments open-source components, providing the robust and proven capabilities that organizations expect and need to ensure the security and integrity of critical data.

Zettaset encryption solutions like BDEncrypt Plus are the product of our world-class data security experts and cryptologists, with years of experience developing security solutions for leading vendors including Blue Coat Systems, Barracuda Networks, Ingrian Networks, and SafeNet.

The Zettaset Vision
  • Be the undisputed leader in security solutions that are optimized for performance and scalability in Big Data environments built upon distributed computing architectures
  • Deliver enterprise-hardened software solutions that not only provide data protection, but also maintain the integrity of secured data
  • Provide one-stop data security solutions that are fully-compatible with the leading Hadoop distributions, NoSQL and relational databases
  • Ensure that our data security software fits into existing security policy frameworks (such as AD and LDAP) and are based on security industry standards such as key management interoperability protocol (KMIP) and public key cryptography standards (PKCS)
  • Facilitate the broader adoption of Big Data technologies like Hadoop and NoSQL in data center environments that require the highest levels of protection and privacy

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