Let’s face it: Hadoop is complex and daunting to most users. And Hadoop’s core open-source specifications still do not adequately address enterprise requirements for robust security, policy enforcement, and regulatory compliance. That’s to be expected from a technology that still relatively nascent.

While Hadoop may have its challenges, its approach, which allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers, represents the future of Big Data. But it needs some help to get there. That’s where Zettaset comes in.

Zettaset creates data security software that is optimized for Big Data environments, and is transparent and compatible with open source Hadoop distributions and NoSQL databases. Zettaset augments open-source components, providing the robust and proven capabilities that enterprises expect and need to ensure the security and integrity of critical data in healthcare, financial services, and retail organizations.

The Zettaset Vision
  • Be the undisputed leader in security solutions that are optimized for performance and deployment in Big Data environments
  • Deliver enterprise-hardened software solutions that ensure data security and integrity in distributed computing architectures
  • Provide solutions that are fully compatible with the leading Hadoop distributions and NoSQL databases
  • Ensure that our data security software fits into existing security policy frameworks, such as AD and LDAP, as well as standards-based encryption frameworks such as KMIP and PKCS
  • Accelerate and broaden the adoption of Hadoop

Why choose Zettaset?

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